“The 1BY1 Leadership has played a factor in shaping me into the young professional that I am today. The program has allowed me to flourish in public speaking opportunities, relationship building, and post educational opportunities. At a young age I joined 1BY1 through a computer software training program that allowed for my marketing creativity to arise in storytelling. From grade 6 I have since then learned much when it comes to networking and strengthening my inner personal skills. I have been able to network successfully and give it my all when presented with real life scenarios. Today I am a young professional in the HR industry. Without public speaking trainings conducted by the 1BY1 I may have not been able to have been introduced to ways of communicating ideas thoroughly and effectively. 1BY1 allowed those skills in becoming finer tune. I am more confident than ever in presenting ideas in front of others very well.”

Elizabeth Martinez

“The 1x1 foundation offered me the opportunity to have lifelong mentors who welcomed me as family and continually check in on me. It was through the one-by-one foundation that I got to realize my dream of creating a company, and it is through one by one foundation that so many other students in Immokalee receive the chance to live a life beyond what people normally believed us capable of living. I’m grateful for the volunteer opportunities, brainstorming sessions, the internships, and all the laughs and hard combos in between. So grateful for Mr. Williams, Lune, Mr. Reese, Ms. Marie and the many others who’ve poured into me!”

Regine Francols

“I would describe the One By One Leadership Foundation to be a door opener for opportunities and experiences for students. Through the One By One Foundation, I have gained experiences that I would have never imagined as a student from helping my community, to meeting with professionals in various fields of concentration. The One By One Foundation allows for students to interact with other peers and network with professionals and various organizations, leading to exposure and advantageous skills. I have received valuable mentoring from experienced individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, their mentorship has allowed me to create meaning relations with them and a safe to haven to go to whenever I continue to have questions whether it be academically or life wise.”

Gaudalupe Velasquez

“The people and support of the 1by1 foundation have been a blessing in my life. When I was in high school, the possibility of attending college was just a dream. However, the 1by1 foundation helped me realize that I was capable and talented to achieve anything I set my mind and soul to. I am very thankful to the 1by1 and everything they do for the community of Immokalee.”

Chris Bances

“1by1 Leadership Foundation has impacted my family and I in so many ways. I was given the opportunity to work with very compassionate and caring people. Was also given the opportunity to work with high school and college students by being their mentor, and by being their support system. Through this foundation I was able to witness first-hand how students gained confidence and a sense of purpose in life and got inspired to achieve their goals and dreams.  1by1 is a compassionate and faith-based organization that I will forever be thankful for. The foundation treated me with empathy, compassion, and respect. In struggling and difficult times, they supported me emotionally, spiritually and financially but not just me but my family as well by being there for my son as he headed off to college and through his two back surgeries. I can’t speak highly enough about the founder Mr. Reid Carpenter and the caring staff, they were all without a doubt an answered prayer since day one.

Sandra Cano

“I am forever thankful to be a member of the One by One Leadership Foundation. One by One was always there for me during my most vulnerable times in high school. This organization helped me financially, but most importantly, Mr. Williams was always there to help me in any other way possible. I am forever grateful for their Mentorship Program. I am thankful One by One allow me to use their WIFI and computer when I had no other place to go to finish school assignments or scholarship applications. One by One made a very positive impact in my life. I am thankful for all their support to me and to many others who has been in the same situation as me. Thank you.”

Argeo Cruz
“The 1by1 foundation helped me realize that I was capable and talented to achieve anything I set my mind and soul to.”
Chris Bances

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