Mentoring and Changing Lives – One Relationship at a Time

Positive experiences from our students.

"I am forever thankful to be a member of the 1 By 1 Leadership Foundation. One by One was always there for me during my most vulnerable times in high school. This organization helped me financially, but most importantly, Mr. Williams was always there to help me in any other way possible. I am forever grateful for their Mentorship Program. I am thankful One by One allow me to use their WIFI and computer when I had no other place to go to finish school assignments or scholarship applications. One by One made a very positive impact in my life. I am thankful for all their support to me and to many others who has been in the same situation as me. Thank you."

- Angela Cruz

"The 1x1 foundation offered me the opportunity to have lifelong mentors who welcomed me as family and continually check in on me. It was through the one-by-one foundation that I got to realize my dream of creating a company, and it is through one by one foundation that so many other students in Immokalee receive the chance to live a life beyond what people normally believed us capable of living. I’m grateful for the volunteer opportunities, brainstorming sessions, the internships, and all the laughs and hard combos in between. So grateful for Mr. Williams, Lune, Mr. Reese, Ms. Marie and the many others who’ve poured into me!"

- Regine Francois

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